Student-Led Family-Teacher Conferences

22 Dec 2018 03:13

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Students are invited to lead their fifth grade conferences.
<p>Guided by a showcase portfolio, students begin with the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and events that bring them happiness. Teachers tell parents that we want students to know what makes them happy, and we know that happy students are more successful students.</p>
<p>Then many share their past-present-future timelines, timelines that integrate life events before they were born, during their life, and their imagined future. After that the children read an example of their writing—beautiful examples including &quot;The Best Part of Me&quot; and/or an &quot;Autumn Snapshot.&quot; Next they share their text that tells who they are as a reader and specific examples of deep reading study. Math reflections, social-emotional learning assessment/goals, images and rating of special learning events, and examples of signature learning are also presented.</p>
<p>As the teacher I share a number of data points related to math and reading assessments as well as learning comments written by my grade-level colleagues. Throughout the presentation students, family members, and I discuss possible strategies, resources, and ideas related to learning challenges or needs that occur, and in the end, family members and students are asked to share any needs or questions they have about the learning year.</p>
<p>These student-led family-student-teacher conferences are a keeper because they put the students center stage in a conversation about his/her learning. The showcase portfolios serve as a good guide now, and later will serve as a grade-level keepsake. We've grown this effort over the past many years, and the results are continually better. This process gives voice to every child in an atmosphere that supports, celebrates, and directs his/her studies. I'm sure we will continue to develop this approach, and in the meantime I welcome your ideas. </p>
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